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neo-Antique wall sconces

Neo-Antique wall sconces incorporate antique glass light shades with neon & brushed aluminum in a series of unique wall sconces offering the beauty & detailing of antique glass in a contemporary design.


This web site focuses on the modern, contemporary wall sconces designed by artist Eric Ehlenberger with emphasis on the neo-Antique series incorporating antique glass shades with brushed aluminum and neon.

A variety of contemporary lighting fixtures in a progressive style are displayed, including lighting for the home, bathroom and kitchen and other indoor and outdoor residential applications. While some designs lend themselves to a deco style, Ehlenberger's wall sconces are unique and beautiful, offering the interior designer and interior decorator a myriad of unusual decorative ideas for the home and business.

Additional web sites are also available that focus on specific aspects of Ehlenberger's sculpture:

This web site is quite extensive and is designed to be a comprehensive site embodying the total of Ehlenberger's sculpture and art work including his art installations as well as his lines of contemporary wall sconces and unique neon clocks. Ehlenberger is one of very few sculptors that focuses on the use of neon in his work. Along with neon, he often includes aluminum and other metals in his sculpture as well as glass lenses, hand blown glass and a variety of mixed media. While most of the art work is abstract, there is some figurative and representational work also in additon to functional neon designs.

This web site focuses on Venusian Gardens, Ehlenberger's studio and studio gallery and concentrates on the art and sculpture currently on display at this location in New Orleans. The site also provides information regarding the rental of the gallery space for special events including music and art performances, private parties and weddings. Also included on this web site are views of his art studio and information regarding tours of the studio and gallery and demonstrations of neon bending.

This web site focuses on glassLight gallery, Ehlenberger's first art gallery located in the heart of the French Quarter, New Orleans (about 10 blocks from Venusian Gardens). It is an up-to-date resource of what sculpture is currently on display and available for sale at this location. Included on this web site are views of sculpture by other selected artists working in neon that are represented by glassLight gallery.

This web site focuses on the opportunities provided by both Venusian Gardens and glassLight gallery for unique venues in New Orleans for fabulous weddings and receptions.




other focus web sites of Ehlenberger's art work



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